Each business member of Ag EDGE is assigned to a Board when they start with Ag EDGE. Boards are assembled based on matching suitable individuals and business to maximise the diversity and collaboration in an effectively functioning Board.

farm visit at Corowa
On site visit at Corowa

Each Board consists of 5 to 6 businesses drawn from a range of backgrounds and geographical location. The members of Ag EDGE come from throughout NSW from a wide variety of agricultural backgrounds.

Ag EDGE provides an operational and reporting framework under which each Board has the power of self determination. It is within facilitated meetings of these Boards that the peer review, information sharing, external advice and support is put into context for each business. Each Board operates as a pseudo ‘Board of Directors’ for each member business.

Board Rounds
At each board meeting, a schedule is followed allocating time for each business as follows:

Board Round 1 – brief discussion (10 minutes per business) where each business advises current position, updates actions from last meeting and presents and prioritise current issues for discussion.

Board Round 2 – detailed discussion (>90 minutes per business) of each business, ensuring business issues are resolved, and member is conducting business in line with their stated vision.

Board Round 3 – brief summary (10 minutes per business) of actions and outcomes required for each member.