Ag EDGE Executive

Ag EDGE is managed by its Executive, comprising a President, Vice President, Executive Officer, the elected Chairperson from each Board (currently two) and a Facilitator representative.

All positions other than that of Executive Officer are voluntary. Office bearers are elected by all members, generally for a period of two years; however this may vary in some circumstances.

The role of the Executive is to provide leadership and strategic direction.

The Executive meet by conference call on a monthly basis, deciding on matters such as; which facilitators are required, marketing, guest speakers, allocation of new members to boards and decision to ensure Ag EDGE is providing value for members.

The Executive Officer works under the Committee of Management of Ag EDGE . The Committee is comprised of a chairperson from each of Ag EDGE Boards and a representative from the Facilitators.

The following people are members of the Executive Committee:

President:  Charles Coventry, Armidale






Vice President: John Finlayson, Armidale,





Kas WythesExecutive Officer: Kas Wythes, Canowindra






Committee: Nell Sullivan, Molong,







Trevor PetersenCommittee: Trevor Petersen, Uranquinty







Committee: Jonelle Uebergang,  Peechelba East, VIC