What Our Members Say…

In this short video, Dorianne Coventry shares her thoughts on Ag EDGE.

Ag Edge Testimonial VIDEO Nov17

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“Our Board developed into a strong, supportive and dynamic board capable of rising to all the challenges thrown up by each of our businesses at every meeting.

The friendships and contacts we have made have been nothing short of fantastic. It has been a privilege to be on a Board with so many progressive and inspirational people who have worked tirelessly and professionally by sharing their invaluable knowledge with each of our businesses.

The board members involvement in our business and family matters have inspired and motivated us to drive our core business and  Succession Plan and encouraged us to look “outside the square “ for our development on all levels .

Our business has grown in many ways as a result of our time in Ag EDGE. Key areas identified back in 2010 that needed focus and direction have been and continue to be addressed .

The visions and goals that seemed like a fantasy years ago have begun to fall in place with our business taking on a new and exciting direction now with the younger generation taking up the reins.

No doubt there will be many challenges in the future but we feel positive that Ag EDGE has given us the skills and confidence to meet them head on .

The Ag EDGE model is one that we believe will continue to assist many agricultural businesses & families in the future.” Vicki & Mike Stevens, Manglopah, Wagga Wagga

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